Wednesday, February 9, 2011

birthday weekend

took off on my own for a couple days this weekend in an attempt to hang on to my youth. headed for milwaukee, watched the superbowl surrounded by packer fans in some brewpub, ended up at an irish pub, woke up and met up with scotty and got thoroughly dominated by rays indoor mountain bike park. i found out that i do in fact suck at doing backflips even when offered a foam pit, and also realized that when separating yourself from your bike to ensure a safe landing you should do so prior to being completely upside down. that way when you throw your bike you don't throw it straight up in the air with your body landing in the foam pit just in time to look up and see said bicycle coming straight down on your head like a javelin. walked away with a pretty nasty headache but think i managed to avoid a concussion. excluding the fact that the packers were in the superbowl rather than the bears it was a perfect birthday getaway.

fun on the pump track
scotty and i took a break after realizing shin pads seemed like a good idea. full body armor could be seen as appropriate with how poorly i was riding at times...
apparently i was employing the "frog-technique" for backflipping. its a bad technique...
scotty demonstrating proper bike-ejection form

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"blizzard" ride...

okay not sure if it constitutes a blizzard yet or not, but got out with jeff for a couple hours yesterday in the snow and wind. gonna get after it again pretty soon this morning and sounds like trevor might be joining us. interesting to see what happens with the snow later today/tonight/tomorrow and whether or not we'll even be able to push the pugs around the gravels by tomorrow.looking downtown around noon

not sure we could've ridden even the gravels on anything smaller
unicorn in snow