Wednesday, September 30, 2009

hangin' with colin at the end of the als walk in minneapolis
mail day brought a new shirt from
HUGE THANKS! to everyone who helped support colin's als walk this past saturday. donations are still coming in and very much appreciated. individual thanks will hopefully be on their way soon.
if you haven't checked out yet, get your head out of your ass. online magazine dedicated to endurance mountain biking/racing. its very cool and easy way to waste time in your cubicle when most of you 9-5ers are looking for something to do other than work.
just realized sugarbottom scramble is sunday. never ridden there even though i grew up like an hour from there. not sure why i haven't, just never worked out. looking at my schedule i might try to make it down for this one. a bit out of race shape which means it should hurt just a little bit more. awesome. anybody with experience wanna share what they typically run for gearing 29/ss?
been riding in knickers and long sleeve jersey and wool cap and...shit its getting cold. especially on morning rides. pearl/qbp is replacing my barrier boots that blew out a zipper. thank god for companies that stand behind their stuff. glad i don't have to drop another $250 after less than a year of use. might also look into some hotronics that ogara got me interested in last winter.
enough randomness for now. i'm going riding.

Friday, September 25, 2009

one last time...

please help me support colin and others living with als. i'll be joining him along with some friends for the als walk in minneapolis tomorrow. click here to donate.

Monday, September 21, 2009

there's no way you've got something better to do...

night race time. click click to check out the details. mass start. dark as hell. incredible trails. last year's race didn't last very long for me as a camoflauged ninja tree stopped my steed dead in its trails and sent me flying superman down fred's trail. kinda hoping this year i actually make it to the finish line on my wheels rather than my feet. either way, the race and the post-race should prove to be plenty of fun.

Monday, September 14, 2009

5-0 info

dakota 5-0 write-up...finally...mostly pics. computer and laziness have put this off so here goes. one hell of a good time. lots of pbr. 7th ss. not sure overall. 4 hours 25 minutes-ish. going back next year hands freaking down. rode the middle 30 miles with kent and felt like we were just out on vacation somewhere. cliff jumping. rushmore. black hills. chophouse. free micro brews. coolest awards party i've been to. drank a beer at the bacon station 38 miles in. no cramps. felt great. awesome trails. limited pavement/gravel. favorite mtb race of the year. pics couldn't be in anymore random of an order. yes, scotty broke my mirror running into road construction thing on the way out doing like 80 mph. jabber rode great again. probably run a squishy fork next year.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

coming soon...

full write up of the labor trip to wyomi...i mean south dakota. i don't think we were in wyoming. anyway, full race report and random useless information including plenty of unnecessary pbr refrences.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

honing my assassaination skills

really struggling with trying to make this post as funny or as light-hearted as colin does. dude has a knack of making me laugh about the fact that he's living with and will eventually be dying from ALS. if you want a better idea of this then check out his blog from time to time. if you've got some free time do yourself a favor and dig through the posts til you find the rocker knife albums. point is, before i get too long winded, i'm asking you all for money. i'll be joining colin for the ALS walk in minneapolis on september 26th and i/we are shamelessly asking that you donate to the cause. as colin has already pointed out, these donations will not help him live any longer or make his life any better, but they might someday for someone who is also fighting ALS.
colin is much better (and again, much funnier) at telling his story than i am, so please take time to check out both his blog and his website (he's a computer guy so he gets both). he even has a game you can play if you're not good with words/reading. CLICK HERE to donate. keep reading if you want the sappy story as to why i give a shit.
colin was the first person i ever talked to from college. a phone conversation the summer before our freshman year after finding out we'd be living together in a 3 person room along with jason ended up being about an hour of pretty much talking music and dorm room necessities. we got along well enough on the phone and despite his first impressions of me we had an awesome freshman year. i couldn't have been happier/luckier getting to spend my entire first year with those two roommates. colin had been athletic and shared similar interests in soccer, running, was into cycling long before me, alcohol and general debauchery. he even forgave me for attempting to ruin everything he owned after one particularly devastating night (for the record, the only thing that didn't actually survive was his graphing calculator). although we never lived together again after that we stayed friends and hung out in the same group of friends. after school he and everyone else i think headed up to the twin cities. i got into riding and he was seeming to be doing more of it as well. my focus turned to mountain bike while he had a broader spectrum but was really getting into the triathalon scene. at one point, a few years after college, i remember wondering if he ever worked given the physical shape he was in. he was looking incredibly fit and obviously digging the tri stuff. i raced with him at a couple of mtb races and took him out on a gravel ride around decorah after he got his crosscheck built up. not long after this he began to mention something weird going on with his thumb/hand and some tests he was having run. over the course of several months it was obvious that the hand/arm were beginning to deteriorate. the contraptions he and his dad were coming up with to keep him on the bike as he began to lose control of his hand were evidence of his love/need to be active. knowing that his mma diagnosis was enough to suck but not enough to kill him was sad but his attitude toward the whole thing made it impossible to feel bad for him. he was laughing about it so how could you not? earlier this year when he broke the news that his other arm was beginning to be affected and that he was now being diagnosed with probable-ALS was devastating. he began talking time frames and i couldn't wrap my head around it. colin has attacked this with the same amount of humor as he has anything else in his life. as he said, he ain't dead yet and i'm pretty sure he's just telling ALS to fuck off and smiling while he does it.
so...yeah...i give a shit. colin's an awesome guy and you should consider yourself fortunate if you've ever gotten to meet or hang out with him. part triathlete, part weezer-like slacker, part computer geek, a lingering dab of hippy, and just an absolutely righteous guy to party with.
please CLICK and donate.