Thursday, March 31, 2011

std recap

CLICK HERE for words and pics over-dramatizing a weekend of gravel abuse.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

superfly debut

finally got out and rode the superfly on trails. didnt break it yet after two rides so happy about that. need a longer seatpost and maybe flip the stem back to a positive rise to accommodate my lack of racerness. otherwise happy with how tight/light/fast the bike feels. never ridden a bike this small so getting used to a very different feel/geometry than anything else i've ridden. pics complete with snot on the toptube to prove i actually rode it. biggest problem right now is the bike is a fuckton faster than i am so it'll be a while before i feel comfortable really commenting on my impressions of it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

spring training update

CLICK HERE to check out the latest on this year's std...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

trails, gravels and snowdays

got out on the trails with ogara again recently. interesting the way the conditions change so significantly during this time of year. it was a lot of fun, and then it was nasty/icy and almost impossible to even walk. great time though.
scotty showed up this weekend and we got a little std recon done in some pretty mild weather despite the strong headwind we were greeted with saturday morning. ended up riding the first 30ish miles of the saturday century as well as the final 10ish miles plus a hanful of miles thrown in between the two.
today brought a snow day which meant larsson and i got to hang out all day. after doing some work on donkey kong country returns we hit the trails for a solid day of hiking. perfect snowball day, found a cool shelter, a geocache we weren't even looking for and a whole lot of fresh air.
ogara on upper ice cave trails
glory hole rest stop
gravels went from fast and frozen to thawing and sloppy throughout the morning
stop 1 of 3 nursing a slow leak
downtube mohawk
somebody else's shelter
larsson hiking above ice cave
me and the king

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

pugsley worlds and random rides

easy excuse but seriously have just been way too busy riding and working to get anything up on here for a couple of weeks. gonna dump some pictures with a few words. most importantly was the pugsley world championships. hit the link for some good pictures of that. not a huge field but a ton of fun. conditions were equally fast and sketchy. if you don't know this about winter is FAST as long as you're vertical. i rode with the lead group long enough to make me happy then failed to keep it vertical. two spills in about ten yards trying to cross a farm field covered in ice with no real line left me unable to get my legs back under me and i tiptoed the rest of the way across. by the time i got to the other side the top 3 (hollywood, trevor, charlie tri) had put a gap between us. ezra was behind me after dumping his modified big dummy/pugsley shortly before i did. a little over 10 miles of icy/powdery snowmobile trails brought us to the prairie farmer trail which is a lot like triple d. i buried myself trying to catch back up to the top 3. as i did ezra slowly caught me. we hit the checkpoint in ridgeway and they were still well within eyesight and we hopped back on the prairie farmer. no snowmobiles here, just iced-over drifts undulating like a pump track from hell for like 3 more miles. id start to gain on what was now the top 4, only to lay it down on an ice patch again. this happened a couple of times before we inevitably hit the gravel. id say i was within 200-400 yards when i saw the four of them turn off and i knew it was over. 1 man alone (presumably weaker to begin with) is not going to catch 4 men pacelining on gravels. i'm thrilled with how the body felt and how close i was to hanging on. i'm not sure if i could have held the pace and stayed in line on the gravels but i would have liked the opportunity. ultimately my fault for failing to ride cleanly when others did. finished 5th as trevor beat out the rest near the end for the $500. awesome race, great course, stupid fast conditions/finishing times. ended at the bar for high life tallboys and ensuing shenanigans including failed teeter totter attempts, king of the hill, derbies and i don't really remember what else. resounding success for sure.
prior to the race i've gotten some solid rides in, although everyday seems to be a different story. crazy/scary fog, icy gravels, thawing nasty sloppy gravels, snowmobile trails, county blacktops, and best of all a few days of actual mountain bike trails. this crusty ice allowed ogara and i to take a look around and found one hell of a good time. rollercoaster, rocky road, little big horn, both sets of pines, north 40...all in various states of rideability and worth the trip. spent a couple days riding up there and probably heading back up again today. photo dump in no particular order cause i can't remember now what days i've ridden what. reminder std is coming up end of march...more info soon.

little big horn
ogara thinking the log ride seems appropriate covered in snow and ice
could be worse i guess
started fog ride on blacktops, scared the shit out of myself, opted for gravel
sloppy gravels
van peenen
little big horn
picking a good line was important
sloppier gravels
gravel weapon
alternative gravel weapon when gravels thaw