Wednesday, September 30, 2009

hangin' with colin at the end of the als walk in minneapolis
mail day brought a new shirt from
HUGE THANKS! to everyone who helped support colin's als walk this past saturday. donations are still coming in and very much appreciated. individual thanks will hopefully be on their way soon.
if you haven't checked out yet, get your head out of your ass. online magazine dedicated to endurance mountain biking/racing. its very cool and easy way to waste time in your cubicle when most of you 9-5ers are looking for something to do other than work.
just realized sugarbottom scramble is sunday. never ridden there even though i grew up like an hour from there. not sure why i haven't, just never worked out. looking at my schedule i might try to make it down for this one. a bit out of race shape which means it should hurt just a little bit more. awesome. anybody with experience wanna share what they typically run for gearing 29/ss?
been riding in knickers and long sleeve jersey and wool cap and...shit its getting cold. especially on morning rides. pearl/qbp is replacing my barrier boots that blew out a zipper. thank god for companies that stand behind their stuff. glad i don't have to drop another $250 after less than a year of use. might also look into some hotronics that ogara got me interested in last winter.
enough randomness for now. i'm going riding.


Noel said...

Hey Shockey. Met you in Decorah Bikes last year. If you head down to Sugar for the rain date (Oct 11th) run 34x18. I'll be making my yearly fall visit to Decorah this weekend to ride your trails. I'll be on a blue Karate Monkey.

Charlie Farrow said...

The way you have stood by your buddy, Colin...thatz pretty cool, in fact it is the very best a man can do...I guess I guy can't do better than that...No way!!!

You are a fine man, and Colin is lucky to call you are friend,