Thursday, October 22, 2009

good days and photos

gravels in fall, riding with the little man and new ink. been a good stretch of days.
wet gravels lead to filthy bikes
not all fall gravel rides are sloppy
plenty of sun and fall colors
larsson tearing up the pines
how long til i'm chasing him cause i can't keep up?
working back through the prairie
end of what turned out to be an awesome monday
new ink...before pic
drawing and a little bit of outline done
sun rays filled
brock doing his thing
getting the clouds filled
sleeve's getting close to finished...gotta get the moon and clouds filled/finished, color the night sky, add a little more water then go around and touch up the entire leg. it'll be done someday.

1 comment:

the original big ring said...

beauty ride and I am digging the ink - I'm due for some more work soon.