Monday, November 17, 2008

productive weekend

this weekend was spent working on trails rather than riding them and some pretty good progress was made. spent about 3 hours saturday with alex the scout finishing the construction phase of the structures to be placed along the river trail. now ready to install 2 teeters, 2 skinnies and a jump/drop. will most likely clean a new trail for these sometime this week and hopefully get them installed before a hard freeze makes it tough to dig. sunday i drug larsson out and met up with the group for close to another 3 hours (many of the others were out much longer than that) working on the new section of trail. for a long time we've focused on building harder and harder and more technical trails. this time around they're all about speed. there's a ton of off camber that's getting dug in and some pretty good ravine work as well. should be a pretty rippin fast section when its done. people i saw out busting their tails...deke, doug, jimmy, ogara, spinner, folke, kirk, larsson, sarge, deneb...sorry if i'm missing anyone.

doug, jeff, larsson, jimmy, me, deke

doug and jeff taking on a tree...yes, it really was that off-camber when we started

larsson pitching in

3 hours of trail work and he was toast...took the edge off the pain of watching the bears


Trevor Rockwell said...

Yo Shockstar. Do you have your race calender filled out yet. I have been trying to start and piece mine together right now. Let me know.

Spinner said...

Does he always hang onto your balls when he sleeps?