Thursday, November 13, 2008

so it begins

again. i'm on the list (thanks for the heads up ari). seems appropriate that my registration gets posted the day after spending 3 hours in a freezing drizzle that eventually soaked my gloves and stole my hand function for the last hour of the ride. brakes froze over, hit something like 36 mph down a gravel hill that was starting to ice over, ice collecting on gloves, boots, jersey. it was a perfectly miserable day on tuesday...the kind of day that made you damn sure you were training for something.
on another note...i'll finally be starting physical therapy to do something about the shoulder i beat up in vegas. its nothing debilitating but i've certainly lost some strength and range of motion and just kept thinking time would heal it. not so much i guess.
to everyone getting ready to put in a winter's worth of suffering in preparation for transiowa v...happy training.

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Ari said...

Take care of the shoulder. Last night I went to the Chiro to help with my back. I had a bad crash due to a broken spindle on my pedal. Might as well get all that stuff done early to start training injury free.