Wednesday, December 3, 2008

my bike is bob barker approved!

yep, fisty got fixed again. following a weather (snowy roads) and health (2-week chest and head crap) related bail out on jingle cross (which pissed me off a bit too much to write about it) my race season seems to be officially over. so, fisty got the rear wheel flipped as well as the 17t boone cog put back on the freehub side (just in case). the snow we have right now is allowing me to still run 32's but much more and it will be time to get started on the wtb interwolf 38c snowy gravel road project. kinda curious to see how they perform. less tread/more float...not sure. just got done with a hard fought 25 miles with wild bill in a cold headwind through fresh snow. a lot of fun but and a lot of work. i definitely need to spend some more time on the bike.


colin said...

Try Nokian tires on the sloppy stuff: You know anything with 106 carbide studs is going to kick ass!

shockstar said...

i've actually got one of those from last winter, i forget if i was using it front or back. my problem with studded cx tires is that they rocked on ice but kinda sucked in snow. that and the added weight and rolling resistance of studded tires just sucks. they're awesome when necessary and other than that i try to avoid them as much as possible.

Ari said...

I rode a crappy rockhopper with Nokian tires and my friend was on a Pugsley. I would drop him on hard pack ice/snow and he would dissappear on the loose snow. Boy the pugsley literally floats on snow.