Friday, December 5, 2008

not just for toes any more...

spinner, grawin, wild bill, ogara, gunner and myself headed out in single digit temps (windchill probably pushing the negatives) for some dark, snowy, gravelly goodness and the bluffton bar. not completely convinced the bar would be open by the time we got there we were surprised to see the parking lot full of cars. imagine a town of a couple hundred in the middle of nowhere imagine a bar full of residents of said imagine six guys walking in to said bar in tights and balaclavas on the coldest night of the season so far. yeah, we got stared at, and questioned, and laughed at, and everything else that goes with riding bike around a group of people that just don't understand the culture. after putting down our share of pbr's and highlife we somehow convinced the bartender to fill both of our flasks for the ride home for $10. not sure how we worked that out but i'm not complaining. a little more comfortable ride home with a tailwind and a few stops along the way to make sure the flasks were empty before hitting town. shut down t-bock's just cause it seemed appropriate. back to the moral of the story...not everyone was as well prepared or overdressed as jeff so there was a lot of discussion on how to stay warm during the bar session in bluffton. by the time we left the bar grawin had proven that adhesive chemical toe warmers aren't just for toes anymore and can in fact remedy frozen appendages.

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