Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the good, the bad, the ugly, the insult to injury and looking on the brighter side

the good=new rigid fork. no more squish. rode fantastic. the bad=broken chain
the ugly=stem vs. knee. stem wins.
the insult to injury=breaking an inner plate. really, who breaks the inner plate? missing link only fixes a broken outer plate...had to walk my ass home.

the brighter side=maybe only two miles in. that means i finished the 101 with only 2 miles left on my chain. pretty sure i would have raged had i broken a chain just before the end of the race.


the technIAn said...

After my race on Sunday I was thinking about my chain. I installed it on the bike back when I built it in March. Being a SS I never check the thing for wear. I heard it pop a couple more times than usual during the race.

Ordered a new one Monday and put it on Tuesday. Turned out the old one was worn pretty thoroughly when I measured it. The thought of breaking a chain always runs through my head. Heck I actually measured my chainline for the first time since I started riding a SS just to see if this one lasts any longer/runs any more quiet.

Glad to see you back on a rigid. Is there a new revamped ti piece on the way back to you yet?

kc said...

mine broke on the inner piece as well at the summerset race. a bunch of folks offered up their missing links, but the story was the same as yours. at least you got a nice 2 mile recovery ride in...when are you rollin down to dm?

shockstar said...

unfortunately this is at least the fourth chain i've broken, and usually ends the same way.
not holding my breath on the new ti fork. i'm sure i'll get it someday, but i wouldn't be surprised if i don't see it in 2009.
kent...don't know that i'll get down that way til the 7 oaks xc race.

Adam said...

I agree...glad to see you back on rigid. I also agree with Kent: the sooner the better!

Ari said...

I am coming up to Decorah this Sunday Ben. Maybe I'll catch up with you at T-bocks. Only staying Sunday and monday.

shockstar said...

ari...we're having the summer sizzler xc race on sunday. it'll be a little informal but it starts at noon and we're cooking out and having beers afterward if you're around. call me 563.380.4791 if it works and you need directions.

Cornbread said...

Ouch! Hope you heal up quickly. Knee to the stem is never a good thing.