Monday, August 31, 2009

labor day plans

despite struggling with motivation issues right now, the excitement over this weekend's trip is building rapidly. scotty will hopefully be here thursday and we'll leave at some stupid time saturday morning headed for the wilds (?) of south dakota (think wayne's world "hi...we're in...delaware"). the jedi himself has procured us a camping spot which i may just graciously give to scott so he can snore in peace while i sleep in the van. besides scott, jed and myself, we should be running into kent, iowa city adam, fuhr-man-chu, moffitt, rochester trevor and god knows who else. point is, race starts stupid early on sunday which means the post-race festivities start stupid early. i've heard nothing but great things about this race and the trail and knowing the group we have to celebrate with at the finish...yeah, i'm excited for this one. seems like a great way to end one hell of a season. then its onto the wonderful pain of cyclocross racing and transiowa training. after some self-imposed time off that is.

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forbesfamily said...

good luck and have fun!