Wednesday, December 2, 2009

arrowhead 2011?

after much harassing by the likes of mr. charlie farrow regarding arrowhead and spending way too much time around people that own pugsley's, i finally broke down and ordered one. rig will be ebayed after donating a few parts to the new bike and will leave me with a suspension fork and backup wheelset for the jabber, which is the only reason i got the rig in the first place so seems to make sense. should have the frame any day then figuring out how to come up with the cash for wheels. so, winter training will have a new element, triple d sounds like fun again (for now) and i might start making plans to take a stab at the arrowhead 135 in 2011. my goal is to learn how to pack a little lighter than dennis before my first shot at arrowhead.
dennis at the arrowhead in 2009



Ari said...

Whatever you do Ben don't wear that Speedo to Arrowhead!

shockstar said...

hmmm...that's some wisdom. thanks ari :)

Charlie Farrow said...

Ben...You will love the Pugsley fun...think 18 can run 'em at 2 you get amazing traction.