Monday, November 30, 2009

jingle cross 2009 (saturday)

i apologize in advance...

lined up for saturday's race. apparently EVERYONE else decided to wait til sunday to break out the speedos. damn.

mud skills...didn't help much. neither did wearing the speedo. i'm still pretty bad at cross racing.this is my favorite picture. dude on the left is checking out my ass. chick in the background is either diggin me or laughing at me. 2 cans of busch light on the light pole. both brothers obviously jealous of my physique. chris's father in-law whom i haven't seen in years forced to witness the debacle. 2 of chris's sons scarred for life.

austin powers inspired strategically placed bike parts.yep...just hangin out... thank you vassago for making such ridiculous clearance. side note...never seen so many derailleurs ripped off in my life.
filthy bike
absolutely love this bike...

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Cornbread said...

Mad props to you for linin' up in the banana hammock. Following you while you were wearing that thing gave me extra encouragement to get by. :)

Glad to see you on the TI V6 list!