Monday, January 17, 2011

triple d 2011

started out thinking this year was gonna be a mountain bike year, ended up thrilled to be racing it for the first time on a pugsley. no expectations going into it so very happy with 3rd place overall. drew was in 4th, 1st on a "skinny bike" and i'm pretty sure he would've ridden away from me on a pugsley the way lance (2nd overall) and drew's friend (overall winner) did. fairly "fast" conditions, finished in around six and a half hours. was completely wrecked after because the conditions made you want to try to ride so fast. great race again and a good time with the fam celebrating nephew's 1st birthday in the waterpark. some pics...
the eventual top 4 rolling out from the start (l to r: drew, lance, me; drew's buddy back left)
halfway, chad's pizza in dyersville
rolling into durango checkpoint and hurting
finish line and sweet ice beard


Ari said...

Congratulations on a great finish!

rideonpurpose said...

I think you over-estimate my training and under-estimate my off season "training". I pushed with everything I had to close the 3 minutes down after the last checkpoint and you pulled away.

Awesome ride!

Nick said...

I saw you on the return in third place. And here I'd been reading all of this "I'm out of shape" nonsense. Great job, Shockey. Coming to Cirrem?

~Nick Wethington

shockstar said...

thanks guys...
drew-without a miserable feeling knowing you were back there i would've been a half hour slower easy.
nick-you're right to some extent. out of shape is relative. its easy for me to see myself in relation to the shape i was in when i finished transiowa. by general standards i'd say i'm in shape...i'm just nowhere near the shape i should be in to be as competitive or as strong as i'd like to be in certain events. pugsley world championships hopefully going down in decorah same day as cirrem so doubtful. called kent and apologized and promised never to schedule it the same weekend again.

Mauricio Babilonia said...

Congratulations, Ben!