Thursday, January 20, 2011

wind ride

spent the late morning chasing novian up and around bluffton. holy f-ing windy. riding a fairly easy gear and was still standing to pedal into the wind in the flats. he was of course riding effortlessly. thinking the training plan is gonna involve chasing novian and a pack of rabid roadies on geared cross machines on my ss graveljabber until i'm cross-eyed and dizzy a couple times a week. i'm really excited. i swear. relatively happy with how the legs felt following sunday's race although my climbing legs would have failed quickly had we ridden much longer. considering picking up some compression tights to sleep in...any feedback/recommendations?

side note...THIS is worth reading...still amazed by colin's sense of humor.

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Ari said...

Ben, I think you should wear the compression socks while you work since you spend so much time on your feet. I also work as a waiter and have dead legs the next day. I also try to elevate my legs on the wall to get circulation back.