Wednesday, March 9, 2011

trails, gravels and snowdays

got out on the trails with ogara again recently. interesting the way the conditions change so significantly during this time of year. it was a lot of fun, and then it was nasty/icy and almost impossible to even walk. great time though.
scotty showed up this weekend and we got a little std recon done in some pretty mild weather despite the strong headwind we were greeted with saturday morning. ended up riding the first 30ish miles of the saturday century as well as the final 10ish miles plus a hanful of miles thrown in between the two.
today brought a snow day which meant larsson and i got to hang out all day. after doing some work on donkey kong country returns we hit the trails for a solid day of hiking. perfect snowball day, found a cool shelter, a geocache we weren't even looking for and a whole lot of fresh air.
ogara on upper ice cave trails
glory hole rest stop
gravels went from fast and frozen to thawing and sloppy throughout the morning
stop 1 of 3 nursing a slow leak
downtube mohawk
somebody else's shelter
larsson hiking above ice cave
me and the king

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forbesfamily said...

ben...priceless picture of larsson hiking today. makes me smile. miss you guys.