Wednesday, March 30, 2011

superfly debut

finally got out and rode the superfly on trails. didnt break it yet after two rides so happy about that. need a longer seatpost and maybe flip the stem back to a positive rise to accommodate my lack of racerness. otherwise happy with how tight/light/fast the bike feels. never ridden a bike this small so getting used to a very different feel/geometry than anything else i've ridden. pics complete with snot on the toptube to prove i actually rode it. biggest problem right now is the bike is a fuckton faster than i am so it'll be a while before i feel comfortable really commenting on my impressions of it.


martini said...

careful. You might break it!

Steve Fuller said...

Nice nice ride Ben. That rig has Darth Vader levels of black and evil about it. :)

MG said...

so, how fast, exactly is a "fuckton"? very curious on that.

damn fine lookin' ride, sir. congrats.