Monday, January 19, 2009

getting caught up

on some randomness from the last few days...

1. i did in fact break jesse's finger in a fine display of derby skills. and beer freezes. click here for proof.

2. the weather finally freaking broke and i got out for an awesome 5 hour ride on sunday. harmony and this ride but haven't done it for a while. halfway to harmony it started to sleet and froze over my goggles. then the ice pellets started to stab my eyes and it hurt to keep them open but riding with them closed wasn't a great option. while enjoying a kwik star double cheeseburger in harmony the weather changed to snow and i had an incredible ride home. the snow seemed to float rather than fall. after triple d its nice to be reminded that 60+ miles in the snow can be enjoyable rather than suicidal-thought-inducing.

45 miles into sunday's ride

3. CIRREM. yes, i'll be there. fixticuff hopefully, otherwise jabber in snow mode if the weather gods don't play along. thanks and good luck to kent and jed for throwing this one.

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