Friday, January 2, 2009

what a way to start a new year

15 people strong, we rolled out of decorah sometime around 10:30 i think. unfortunately the trailer that was supposed to be carrying all of our beer as well as a radio to listen to the iowa game didn't work out. so we all packed as many beers as we could and headed out for bluffton. we made it a couple miles before our first beer stop which successfully lightened our load a bit. a few more stops along the way and we were having a great time. saw one true crash on the ice as well as a minor derby incident which served as foreshadowing for the ride home. randy's bluffton store was once again more than welcoming for our troop on new year's day. meat and cheese and veggie trays were brought out while the grills and fryers started working on our lunches. plenty of beer, multiple bottles of dr., some jager bombs and stomach-warming bar food and people were on their way. the group of 15 ended up splitting into 3 different groups of 5 as some people were ready to head back before others. o'gara, jesse, sov, deke and i were not surprisingly the last 5 to leave the bar. armed with another 12 pack and i think 6 flasks between the five of us the stage was set for an epic 15-mile derby. counting the number of crashes and people forced off the road into ditches would be pointless. unfortunately the battery in my camera died when we got to bluffton so there is no more evidence but as best i can recollect there was a broken bottle cage, broken tail light, bent brake lever, and one well tacoed wheel which was expertly sorta straightened enough to limp home. thankfully t-bock's was still open when we got into town and a good portion of the riders who left earlier were there to welcome us. somehow the jukebox turned into a group karaoke machine as "my first concert" stories were discussed with utmost importance. t-bock's finally shut down hours after they told us they would (thanks mike) so jesse and i headed to corner. then they kicked us out so we went for pizza and a few more beers before finally calling it a night some 11 hours after the day began. good people, great time, must remember not to ride good bikes around sov. seriously, he's a wheel eating monster.
gathering behind the shop pre-ride
triple d mode minus a light
first beer stop at berdo's place
some started the ride hungover...spinner was still drunk
it really is
beer stop #2
final stop on the way out on the bridge outside bluffton. pbr light...who knew?


Wesley Gregg said...

still upset I missed out on this resolution is to make it next year. good luck in the triple D, Ben.

Lance Andre said...

You guys put the Dubuque Crowd to shame! Rock and Roll...

Joe said...

Sov will fuck your shit up. I think he especially hates 29ers.

Trevor Rockwell said...

I wanted to be there, but I also wanted to watch the game. I figure I have plenty of rides to get on in the future! Looks like you all had a hell of a time!

4luvandlife said...

Great post. Looks like a good time.

Skip Bernet said...

I don't hate. I only love.

And for the record, that wheel tried to take me out and was on the ground when I fell on it. Not a jury in the world would convict me on this one - despite my long list of priors.