Thursday, January 29, 2009

wednesday's ride

now that i've signed up for this cup o' dirt thing it kinda kicks me in the ass to go just a little further everyday. got metric #3 in yesterday but it meant leaving a little earlier than i'd like. so the actual temp was -4*F when i took off. headed straight for quarry hill and by the time i got to the top my goggles were so frozen over i couldn't wear them for the next three hours. damnit. i've learned not to wear them up that climb but got lazy and it bit me in the ass. anyway, 66 miles and somewhere over 5 hours later i'd found my way through the cold and a pretty fierce headwind and managed to pry my frozen eyelashes apart enough to see.
pretty cold out here this morning
all the trees had frozen over and looked like they were made of ice
only 20 minutes in...note the frost and my eyelashes already accumulating ice

3 hours in, just before i was able to see through my goggles again. that awesome breath/drool/ice goatee ended up with three distinct icicles close to an inch and a half long.


Ari said...

You are a hard man Ben. Careful with the eye thing. I once had frostbite on the cornea of my eye. My eye burned for weeks. If the goggle fog up take a pair of thin sunglasses that at least vent and will give your eyes some protection.
Good job!

Anonymous said...

That looks miserable. I won't go out if it's below 30. I'm delicate.

Elly Sue said...

I don't mind the cold, its the wind that will get you every time.

I think the bikes are already updated for 2009. Not sure how? But we'll manage anyway. Thanks.

What do you do for cross-training. I'm all about that right now.