Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 race schedule

finally getting around to setting my schedule for 2010. some races were assumed and been kinda waiting for series schedules to be posted (anybody see anything from mnscs yet?!?!?) to finalize things. interesting the way the economy (broke as shit budget constraints) have affected my race planning. unfortunately, no return trip to pennsylvania with its $100+ price tag and 4-5 day trip. definitely planning to head back to the dakota 5-0...what an awesome trip that was and easy to do on the cheap if you're smart about it. of course transiowa. gonna try to hit up lincoln for the gravel worlds and get up to charlie's neighborhood for heck of the north. throw in some iowa series stuff, decorah based events and a couple of wems races this year as well. hopefully make it back to jingle cross just cause i look THAT good in a speedo and gonna keep an eye on tuscobia seeing as how i'll have a pugsley this year....oh, and i suppose a few cross races just cause i like pain.


4luvandlife said...

Good luck in 2010! Sorry if I am not following you correctly on the "heard anything on mnscs" but if you go to your link and then click home you can see the 2010 schedule after you scroll down.

shockstar said...

that's funny...thanks. i just went there and clicked on events and only saw 2009. thanks for the heads up. damn that makes me feel lazy.

Scott said...

what WEMS races are you thinking of doing?