Monday, January 4, 2010

new year's eve is overrated

for those of you who spent the first of the year recovering, here's what you missed (as best as i can remember):
-30ish miles
-0 degree/-12 windchill start
-15ish riders
-1st ride i've ever seen leave on time (pretty sure this was temperature related)
-spinner flats before we're out of town
-1st beer a quarter mile onto the gravel
-pork fritter
-massive bucket of fries
-high life
-mich golden
-coors lt
-blackberry brandy
-creme de cacao
-creme de menthe
-cherry doctor
-5hr energy (x2)
-taco'd front wheel from a 4-person pile up and the sov-monster landing on my wheel
-broken blood vessel in my eye
-very sore neck (although i tapped out due to boredom/stalemate not because jeff actually had the choke deep enough)
-locked myself out of my apartment
-i did make one mistake and that was not charging the camera battery. didn't even get one picture out of it.
-always a bit of a downer that the best ride of the year happens to fall on the first day of the year. thinking we need to do a new year's day ride in july.


Wes said...

Here is one vote for a ride like this to occur in July as well. Way to much fun was had for being outside in those temperatures....I can't imagine what would happen if it was warm outside.

Trevor Rockwell said...

That would be alot more pain though on the ride back as far as the derby is concerned. Also you can't usually tell how much you have drank or how much you hurt when it is cold outside.

Julie said...

You should post a pic of your eye... it's still gross. Even creepier now that it's receeding. (Does a broken blood vessel receed?)