Wednesday, February 10, 2010

birthday ride recap

plan: 5 riders. lots of snow recently so snowmobile trails are out. meet at bar. ride 15 miles gravel to a bar with food. eat. drink. ride 15 miles back possibly stopping through jam night on our way back.

seemed simple. the plan, however, did not include high winds and unrideable gravels with foot-and-a-half deep drifts all the way across them. thus, no one packed food and this began to hurt. planned bar was closed, alternate bar was closed, convenience store was closed. lost one rider to a full-blown bonk with no food options available. the other four continued back. ended up an almost three and a half hour trip to travel approximately 30 miles with about half of that being on pavement. no food, high winds, lots of snow, dark, cold and a couple of stops to polish off the beer we'd brought along with some cherry brandy, firewater, and jager. finally found an open bar in town with chips and salsa, more beer and peanuts. pretty good beatdown for what should have been a casual gravel tour on my birthday. i suppose we're better for it.


Scott said...

happy belated birthday

forbesfamily said...

Not that the weather people know anything, but they think there's a "significant snow event" setting up for the weekend of CIRREM. Better get ready! :)