Tuesday, February 9, 2010

catching up

so...due to events beyond my control i am now without internet at the apt and life/work/riding has been to busy for me to get to the bar and using their wireless as an excuse to drink until today. being my birthday and all it seemed reasonable enough to head to the bar fairly early today.
pugsley build was finished on thursday and i was able to get a good ride in on it friday and sunday. its an absolute riot and already worth the money spent on it. future posts will probably include a detailed spec for the sake of laughing at the semi-ghetto build. saturday brought the annual barnelopet kids xc ski "race" and a 14+ hour day at work. sunday night was the necessary super bowl watching and the first 140 of 800ish jello shots being made for this weekend's party at the bar. oh, and my birthday celebration which pretty much ruined any chance of me being functional or productive yesterday.
however many inches of snow being dumped on us over the past 24 hours has made the decision for tonight's group ride pretty easy...pugsley on gravel about 15 miles to a bar. eventually return. not a bad plan for a birthday ride.


OGARA said...

Oh, are you in for a world of hurt tonight old birthday boy.

the original big ring said...

happy birthday Ben!