Tuesday, February 16, 2010

std recon and cirrem training

considering cirrem is only a week and a half away and i hastily decided one day to ride it fixed, it seemed like a good idea to get in my first ride fixed in a very long time today. also made sense to start checking out parts of the std century that i've never actually seen. temps were up and so was the sun which worked up a serious sweat, unfortunately the wind was up as well and that turned the sweat into a bad thing. rode about the first third of the century before breaking off the route and heading home, finishing with about 40 miles. of the parts i hadn't ridden before...gonna have some raging fast/fun downhills, pretty good climbs, and as of today i even had to walk some due to the snow drifting. all in all very pleased with this section of the route but definitely realizing that if we have this many hills in the first third of the route we're gonna be feeling it by the end.
got pretty good windburn but the legs felt pretty good in general and starting to feel stronger overall. not bad timing with cirrem next weekend, std a few weeks after that and transiowa in two and a half months. about time i got my shit together.


Buckshot77 said...

Just don't do the bike, bonk, repeat of CIRREM that we were experiencing together for the last few miles.

shockstar said...

that just sucked. running a slightly easier gear this year and will run tires appropriate for the conditions...should help a bit.