Thursday, April 15, 2010

epic designs seat bag-first impressions

opened the box, looked at the bag, thought...this isn't as big as i expected.

installed on bike, started packing the bag, thought...holy shit this thing is huge.

finished packing 90% of what i'll take on transiowa,, i think i've barely filled half the bag.

strapped on lights, left for solo gravel night mission fully packed, thought...yikes this bike is heavy, but my back feels a hell of a lot lighter/more relaxed than last year.

hit first big climb,, this bag actually has a fair amount of sway in it.

finished ride, rode again fully packed the next day, thought...same as the night before.

final thoughts: TONS of room to pack in this thing. overall ecstatic with the bag. better for geared riders because it doesn't get much sway until you attempt to stand and climb. obviously well constructed and presumably very waterproof. definitely thinking it will be better than last year without all the weight on my back but that much weight on the bike is noticeable, especially into the headwinds i've ridden into the last couple of days.


Wes said...

I just got my frame bag in for the fargo. his stuff is durable, lightweight, and has lived up to all the hype I have heard. very nice not needing to wear a pack while riding. i need to check out your seat pack and see how big it is. best of luck this weekend at the TI.

Steve Fuller said...

I'm going with a backpack for TI again this year, mainly because of the lead times on these things. I emailed the guy at Carousel Designs two weeks ago for a price list and a build queue length request, but no reply yet. I know these guys are busy building and selling stuff, but not getting replies to inquiries like this is a bit frustrating.