Tuesday, April 27, 2010

got drunk and lost my camera

so no pics from me from transiowa. or the time trials. maybe i'll find it. in the meantime just know that transiowa was an absolute beatdown and the time trials were some of the most fun i've ever had at a bike race. and i didn't race. our little setup in death valley was a hell of a good time and from what i can tell the racers really enjoyed it as well. marty killed half my 40 the first time through then half my pint can the second time through, chased mr. sedore a long way down the trail, gave adam a rabbit to chase, witnessed more than i care to admit to when jesse came through, heard something over a megaphone about a muffin top, some trail hippies, something about following the pink and i'm not sure what else. congrats to those that really threw down some hellish times and thanks to everyone for making it such a great time.

until i get my camera back i'm officially stealing from others...really dug this post from defending t.i. champ joe meiser. i have a ton of respect for both joe and charlie farrow (pictured). the picture tells a lot of stories, the words have certainly helped me put this year's transiowa in perspective.
Look at this man. He is whole. All of his desires have been fullfilled. To what does this man owe his fulfillment? To TransIowa.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Wilson, gracious volunteer and observer of the grotesque.

Look for a full report when the sand and grit are washed away. Until then ponder the great unknowns, the questions of your life, while knowing that this man no longer needs to.


Cornbread said...

Dude, Gersib has your camera! We found it at the Hotel.

Great seeing ya again! Next year will be 70 degrees with a light wind all 33 hours of the event. :)

Keep on pedalin' homey.

Ari said...

that race still gives me the shivers. I was glad to meet up with you again. I must come to Decorah. My wife insists.
best my friend,

shockstar said...

awesome...thanks cornbread. good to chat with you for a bit at dinner. i'll see you at worlds if not before.

ari-as always the time was too short but great to see you. check in with the bike shop if you head this way, they'll know how to find me. maybe we can find some gravels you haven't gotten to see yet. take care

MG said...

hey shocker... i'm not sure how your camera got into our car, but give me a holler with your address and i'll send it to you... no sweat.

it was good to hang with ya' this past weekend, my brother.