Tuesday, April 6, 2010


after getting the jabber put back together and riding trails a couple times i broke down and took it to travis to have him set up the brakes. because. i. suck. left it for a few days cuz he's busy and figured i wouldn't get in any trail time. i was wrong. so grabbed the pugsley and tried my best to rage trails but raging doesn't really happen with a pug. fun anyway. ran into matt (i think-in case i haven't said it for a while i suck at names) from roch down riding trails in what i'm assuming is getting ready for the trials. lots of fun and a hell of a workout pushing trails with that beast.

later that day (saturday) worked trails with a good size group from dhpt. built a new section through the top of pali. i don't do the most work on the trails, but i do a hell of a lot more than some people. i don't care where you live or what your trail system is like-you can find something to do to make them better. if you ride trails, work trails. build, clean, maintain, fix...pick up litter if nothing else. and tell your friends they suck at life if they refuse to do anything.

transiowa is about two and a half weeks away. yikes.

15 deep on the waiting list for heck of the north. not gonna hold my breath for that one but i guess i have a chance.

sylvan island this weekend. funny much less worked up i get about xc races these last couple of years. don't care any less, don't look any less forward to them, just starting to relax a bit. also accepting my endurance training and its affect on my xc racing. mostly excited hoping brother adam will throw down his first ever attempt at racing a bicycle like the rest of us overgrown children. hoping to see a solid group of friends hanging out there as well.

still waiting on new seatpack from epic design which hopefully will be here soon. that will leave me with a couple weeks to dial in bike setup and pack organization.

hopefully get a break in this rain and go slow roll some gravels for a bit today.

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