Sunday, September 14, 2008

perfect fall morning

so i grabbed a saw and some gloves and headed for logjam. i've recently started working with a kid on his eagle scout project which is going to involve him assisting our trail group in getting some beginner style features put in along the river trail. since we've been approved to build bigger stuff in logjam and now that alex's project has gotten my interest up again i decided to get some work started. this will end up being a 40' planked log ride/ladder bridge with some sort of a drop at one end. got almost everything cleared today, just need a chainsaw for one spot then some wood, tools and hardware and we'll be good. also saw some evidence of horse traffic on the main trail in pali. i love horses.
this will be the start of the log ride...most of the brush is gone now but the batteries died in the camera so no pics
side the right the tree goes down to the ground and is where the first pic is from

the two trees just left of center will act like goal posts and support the structure as it turns off the tree and does something fun that is as of now undecided


Marty Shockey-Eckles said...

That's cool that you're working with the future Eagle Scout. You know how strongly I feel about making what we do "count" for something in life! Love, mom

Ari said...

Now that the fall is coming I miss having some woods close by. My closest possible mtb locations are 45 and 30 miles respectively. Hope to ride in Decorah soon again.