Monday, September 8, 2008


scotty showed up to put a squishy fork on his jabber and trevor was back for his almost weekly visit to decorah (rumor is he may even be headed back this way permanently next summer). trevor's optimus ti hasn't arrived yet but should be here before he makes it back again. the three of us got out for an entertaining ride saturday. no hammering, just riding, chatting and lots of crashing. scotty had a couple good ones and ended up with a bloody face and trevor took a trip over the bars just to make him feel better. the night ended with a few towers (100 oz. of beer with a tapper...these things are awesome) watching ufc 88 at t-bock's. if you didn't see liddell get dropped by rashad
found out that fisty might be making a guest appearance during the dirt demo at interbike this year so sunday was spent tearing it apart and trying to clean the crap off that's still on there from transiowa (yeah...i haven't cleaned it since april). in the midst of doing this i found out the bottom bracket is blown up...hopefully get that resolved in the next couple of days. might even get a ceramic upgrade.
trever on dead pet
scotty's face bleeding
trevor's fast
scotty being helped out of the ravine he fell into (yeah, this wasn't his best ride of the year)
a little help with fisty
i suppose i could lower the stand for him...
this was the extent of scott's help (seriously, thanks for the help scott)
fisty actually is green


Scott said...

my face still hurts and i found i have bruises on my body that didn't show up until today from one of those two crashes.

Trevor Rockwell said...

Scotty, you made my weekend. You looked like you were in the UFC fight that we watched. Fun stuff

Ari said...

Ben, you can't wash that dirt off.

O'Gara said...

Nice stand, fag.