Monday, September 1, 2008

the short version

24 hours of 7 oaks...first solo 24 attempt...lasted about 5 hours. 3 1/2 hours in could tell i was overheating a bit and tried to cut it off before it got really bad. didn't work. massive cramping, puked for about 2 hours, ended up on oxygen suffering from pretty bad heat stroke. pretty broken right now. taking a few days off the bike. more rambling and pics sometimes. on the upside...great to see the fam. big thanks to them for making their respective trips and for everything they did for me. love you guys.


Ari said...

Good on you for making such an attempt. We did a 85 miler gravel yesterday and we got home baked. It was 91 degrees. I guess we are not hot weathter people. Take time to recover.

Anonymous said...

No thanks ever needed for this family. That's who we are. Love you, too!

Misty said...

Love ya Ben!!! Tell mom thanks again for keeping in it will be my turn to pay her back at Payson!!!! I'll be texting her updates and sending her photos!!!!

See ya soon!