Monday, September 29, 2008

phx/vegas highlights

-the people...tom, zach, misty, darrin and the rest of the vassago-supported adrenaline race team
-congrats to tom and zach for destroying the 12 hour solo field
-huge thanks to misty for the support which became a caretaker role
-felt good for a while, definitely didn't go out like i did in boone, ended up 3rd ss 12 hour but suffering from pretty severe dehydration
-zach's mcd's hamburger every lap is the most awesome nutrition plan ever
-this will be an interesting nat'l champ. course next year
-rigid forks suck some places
-vegas seemed even hotter
-met up with zack (different zack) and rebuilt fisty
-dropped fisty off with dane from wtb to be used in the dirt demo
-rode the shuttle to the top to ride big bikes all monday...i love riding that stuff but maybe shouldn't...big crash with a lot of desert style road rash
-spent tuesday on cross country bikes and trails
-indoor show wednesday then cross vegas cyclocross race...definite highlight for me
-big names i either got to talk to or was close enough to spit on...nat ross, brian boyko, ryan leech, cam mccaul, tinker juarez, lance armstrong
-i am beat down and exhausted
-gravel ride yesterday was necessary but brutally difficult for the short route i took
-doctor said nothing competitive for a month...looking toward some cross races and the night race at the end of the month


Misty said...

It was good to see you out there Ben! :) thanks for being awesome - hope you had SOME fun in Vegas.

colin said...

Way to rip it up in AZ! When will the debauched Vegas photos be posted?

shockstar said...

sorry, debauchery. however, i did go to a cross race and a wet t-shirt contest broke out. lance was the winner by far. it was awesome to see hordes of drunks showering him with beer on the run-up.

ZMoney said...

Ben, Great to meet you and it is great to meet another that will push himself to the point of self destruction. Sorry for all of the poop stories. But I have more if you want them.

shockstar said... long as the poop stories and mustache stories don't go together then i think we're good.

Ari said...

Ben,still trying to escape the Bike shop to come up to Decorah in the fall.
I have been riding gravel out here but miss your hills.
take care,
from Sycamore, IL.

ZMoney said...

Right on! No poop in the stache.