Wednesday, July 8, 2009

another good night

chris was in town to do his usual counselor thing at luther's distance running camp so i swung by campus monday night to watch him try to relive his youth playing ultimate with the campers. headed out from there for a gravel ride down to spillville to watch our head chef play volleyball. i planned a 20 mile route and was treated to mild temps and an incredible sunset. pics don't do it justice but it was the best i could do. tuesday morning brought a crazy early wonder left (popular 9 mile running route) and me riding water support for chris and his buddy dee brown.
shadows starting to get real long
iowa countryside
not sure what night it was actually full, but it was big and bright and led me into spillville
wonder left


Barrelroll said...

what's a wonder left?

Ari said...

Ben, can you make your photos get big again. Failing eyes my friend!

Trevor Rockwell said...

Wonder left is a Luther Cross Country Route!

shockstar said...

sorry ari...i'll try to remember. i think i know why it does/doesn't do that, it just takes me a couple extra minutes.

wonder left...start from luther and make all left turns (sort of). out old 52 onto hwy 52, left onto meadowlark, past your place, left onto bluffton blacktop, left onto pole line.