Tuesday, July 21, 2009

wt101 war machine

got the new jabber frame in and everything got built up in preparation for the wilderness trail 101. funny to see a suspension fork on my bike...honestly haven't even owned one in like 5 years. but the bike looks good and its getting a serious shakedown ride today as long as the rain holds off. yeah...i'm happier now. almost two weeks without a trail bike sucked. huge thanks to vassago and travis for getting things together for me so quickly.


forbesfamily said...

yay for you!

the original big ring said...

I'm thinking of running suspension as well. From everything I've heard, the downs are pretty rocky and techy.

shockstar said...

craig...60 miles at ouachita really tested my limits for running rigid over downhill rocky stuff. can't imagine doing another 40 like that.