Monday, July 6, 2009

staff mtg, 4th, 5th and a metric

wow...what an awesome weekend. thursday night's staff meeting was wildly successful, or successfully wild...not real sure. fire and beers out back of my place with no serious injuries although pavlov's idea of classical conditioning apparently doesn't apply to me. after burning my stomach with the lid from the fire pit i proceeded to repeat the action 20 minutes later and burn myself again, only a little worse this time. by the time i kicked everyone out at 4 a.m. i think we had discussed work somewhere along the line and can officially consider it a staff meeting.
thursday night left me feeling less than stellar on friday, so after refusing to get out of bed for most of the day a motorcycle ride was substituted for a training ride. on to work where i ran into austin...a guy i rode trails with (who kind of handed me my ass) about 6 years ago when i was just starting to ride. he was in town and plans were made to meet downtown after i closed my bar. another fun night out with plans to meet for a trail ride in the morning.
felt better saturday morning (slightly) and met austin at 10 and got some good time in playing in the dirt. on to ice age 3 with the fam and an awesome display of fireworks put on by the owner of the bar in his cul de sac. honestly, for a "private" show it was about as impressive as a professional show. larsson loved it and had a great time playing with the tons of kids are there.
sunday brought a barbecue with the ogaras, duranceaus, grouws and reyersons. 8 kids running around and playing on the slip n' slide while we grilled and had a couple beers. once everybody left i headed out for a solid gravel effort. once again reminded that i do in fact like the sun, it just doesn't like me. 62 miles and somewhere around 4 1/2 hours and i was cooked. this weekend had apparently left my body a bit broken down because this metric destroyed me. i was virtually non-functional when i was done. couldn't carry on a phone conversation with my brother or really move off the recliner until it was time to go die for the night. long weekend...super fun weekend...time to start recovering for red wing this weekend.
plenty of cool old bridges around here
a handful of transiowa v.4 got to see this sign shortly before turning around

second time i've stumbled across this old church
gorgeous day


Kyle said...

hey i just discovered this website, and i'm way interested in racing some ss mountain races, where would i be able to find a decently comprehensive guide? i wanna crack the whip with my buddies and get out there. my site will be up and running once i get some footage. should be a little more city riding based, but i hope i can get out to palos and the like some more.

Ari said...

Are you from Chicago? Come out to Dekalb County and do some Gravel rides with us.

shockstar said...

i try not to read...makes my head hurt so i'm probably not a good resource for a comprehensive guide. here's my method of training...ride myself into the ground. no matter how long you plan the ride to be, make it hurt. ride til you're dizzy, blind, drooling, puking, cramping or crying. eventually it will get harder and harder to get to that point, then you know you're getting faster. i suppose a coach and an actual training plan would help, otherwise just beat the shit out of yourself on your bike.

the original big ring said...

you felt like crap on a metric?! Nice. That makes me feel better for the 160kms at the end of the month. Fugggggggg! A little worried I am. Putting in the miles hopefully all will fall into place.