Thursday, November 12, 2009

colin's version

i think i'm going to reserve my moral judgment of colin's decision to one-up my 5 year-old's drawing of my recent trail ride simply because its pretty funny. or epic. or metal. or righteous(yes, my morals are subject to the whims of my entertainment). best guess is colin was listening to the original rocker knife album while working on"illustration". thanks colin.

pretty sure it happened something like how colin has it shown above

for those who don't know colin or his humor, a rocker knife is actually a untensil given to him by an als association to help him cut up his own food. he's also a self-admitted computer geek. the name "rocker knife" just happens to be about as metal as metal gets. so it became a band that now rules the underworld of death metal and i believe also eats children.

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