Wednesday, July 23, 2008

canton, burr oak, sattre

after spending all day frustrated that i was working and not riding in this ridiculously gorgeous weather i decided to get lost tonight. i took off with the idea of finding some gravels i hadn't ridden before. i made my way up near canton, mn, then over through burr oak and past the sattre store, lower dam, upper dam, up whitetail just because and then a tour through town to cool down. gorgeous night, awesome sunset, almost 2 hours of total dark and 50+ miles. succeeded in finding new-to-me gravel. found myself a couple times really thinking about how comfortable fisty is...don't know that i see myself ever riding anything other than steel on gravels. can't wait for the public to have access to it and see what everybody else thinks.

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Misty said...

Yea - it kinda sucks being the only one with this bike - huh! :)