Monday, July 21, 2008

resting peacefully

another long sunday gravel ride. new route. straight west toward lime springs, caught a super short stretch of gravel ridden on transiowa that i've never ridden otherwise. got to the halfway point and hung out in a cemetary for a bit cause i was a little scared the heat was getting to me. caught a gentle breeze at my back on the way home and really got after it...big mistake. the heat/lack of hydration had been getting to me and by the time i got home it really got to me. felt like ass the rest of the night and fought cramps pretty hard. otherwise, the ride was pretty nice. 75 miles, perfect summer day, cool little cemetary to take a break in.
appropriately named cemetary
foreshadowing that which would be necessary to make it through the final stretch home
favorite plot in the joint


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