Thursday, July 31, 2008

almost ready

11 p.m. thursday night and i'm finally done packing...almost. throw the stuff in the car, food and ice in the cooler, finish up details at work and the first half of team unicorn will be headed to nine mile. ogara and i are hoping to get out of here around noon to get up there and grab a pit area, set up camp, pre-ride, etc. also planning to meet up with the other vassago folk and get them some parts and talk plans for the weekend. the other half of the team (jesse and bill) should be heading up a few hours after us. maybe a little more riding, a few beers and a decision between sharing a tent with some of these guys or just throwing out everything in the vue and crashing in there. certainly not opposed to the vue as it has served me well at prior races and not sure i want spinner snuggling up to me in the middle of the night.

on a good note, with a little help from ogara the jabber seemed in top shape as i absolutely hammered on it last night in what turned out to be one of my best rides of the year. a solo effort aimed at pushing the limits of the bike to make sure it was as far from failure as possible. ogara may have gone a little overboard on my rear wheel but for the sake of this race i'll deal with it.

now to try to relax, get some sleep and get ready to spend a few hours ripping legs off in wisconsin.

ogara's modifications to my rear dropout...pretty sure its not going anywhere now.


Misty said...

I'm not ready....I'm still washing clothes at 1:45 am!!!

shockstar said... least you'll get plenty of sleep over the weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck, my son, and take care of yourself. I love you... mom

Misty said...

Plenty of sleep...are you serious!

It was awesome to meet you and hang out with you and all the boys at the shady place! I loved it.

I have a million photos to post after I land! Talk soon