Sunday, July 13, 2008

forc side thrill ride

the race went well. pre ride at 8, smashed my fingernail between my bars and a tree which hurt like a bitch and has a pretty color to it now. ran into kent and steve as i was leaving to grab some breakfast, met back up with them when i got back. race started up a long paved climb and kent and i were gone. halfway through the first lap he passed me and i was wondering if his 16 in back was gonna be enough to take the race since i was still pushing an 18. he ended up blowing a corner which let me catch up then he got tangled up in a slightly confusing place and i got around him. i finished the first lap with the lead and never saw anyone again. caught a couple experts that started 10 minutes ahead of us. second lap felt perfect...just ripped everything. 3rd lap brought some twitching in the legs signaling the onset of cramps but they held off and i ended up winning with kent taking second. another good day in iowa for vassago. i think i had about 3 minutes on kent and 5 on third. ran into some good guys like you do at every race...the guy from the trek store that helps organize it, a couple guys from lamba i've met before, adam perkins (luther classmate rocking a jones), andy lueck (2nd expert...well done), and a couple of guys i met at sylvan island who are solid dudes. trails are defintely not the same as decorah...reminded me of the hillside area of the center trails kent took me too in des moines yesterday. all in all a very well organized race and the people running it deserve a ton of credit.

the weekend certainly didn't turn out the way i had hoped but i made the best out of what was left. pics eventually...time to spend time with junior who now understands that he is no longer supposed to say "good luck dad" but to instead say "rip some legs off dad". he rocks.


kent said...

i thought i had something for you....turns out you're way faster than me....wierd

shockstar said...

i think if you would have taken that skinny to log pile move at full speed instead of getting confused by the reroute it would have been over. :)