Sunday, July 6, 2008

sunday gravels

took a trip up to preston, mn and back today...definitely a favorite route of mine. took off with novian and isaac (luther cc runner in town for camp). left them and their skinny tires for gravels an hour in. ended up doing about 80+ miles of mixed gravels and pavement. maybe 50/50 which is way more pavement than i prefer but the gravel closures are still messing with some routes. my computer said it was over 90 by the time i got back but i really don't believe that thing anyway so please ignore this entire statement. it was hot. especially for a ginger. there's a stretch of bridges along the bike path between harmony and preston that always make me smile and today i figured out why. although they don't necessarily look the same, they remind me of the bridges along the nature trail at scott county park near the quad cities. growing up in davenport we spent countless weekends camping at scott county and walking the nature trail. those bridges were ALWAYS the highlight of the walk. playing army, trying to make them sway, trying to manage your way across the wires without touching the water...whatever...they just remind me of some very happy times from growing up, family time i wouldn't trade for anything.

memories...why is it that playing under the bridges was always way more fun than crossing them?

gravel goodness...the point of this picture is lost a little bit in the color but the point was you know its a good gravel day when your tires turn totally white...dry and fast.


forbesfamily said...

why was going under the bridges so much better than going over them? because sometimes you managed the cross the wires without getting blisters...and then you felt really, really cool! :)

Marty Shockey-Eckles said...

C'mon, Amy! You have children of your own AND you grew up with those three brothers!!!!!! Do you really need to ask this question? :):):) Yes, very good memories indeed!