Friday, October 3, 2008


weird thing is they were somewhere out past the lower dam. not sure how they got there but i found them on a 4 hour gravel ride yesterday up to dorchester and back. luckily found them before i got to balsam hill otherwise i might've been in for a nice walk. weather was gorgeous, leaves are just starting to turn, and i felt pretty good. yeah, it feels good to feel good again. a note on some stuff i was riding...i still can't get over how much i love riding the fisticuff. i think the general public is in for a treat when this thing hits the market. i never thought it was possible that my favorite bike wouldn't be a trail bike...i'm not saying it is...i'm just saying. also, got some new stuff on there from wtb that i thought is worth mentioning. rocket v saddle...still one of my favorite mtb saddles ever. i'm sure it would be just fine for cross racing but that's just not how i ride this thing. i'd love to get another devo for it and if i wasn't doing endurance training with this bike the rocket would be back on there. dirt drops...i ran midge bars since i built this and this is my second real ride on the wtb dirt drops. my first one left me scratching my head and after doing some math i'm now running a slightly shorter and taller stem. impressions...this bar set up is way stiffer. i'm sure some of that is the 31.8 clamp diameter but i really dig it. definitely feels like more power transfer, the wider hand position feels better climbing and the drops feel more natural. don't get me wrong...i really liked my midge bars. at this point, however, they might be hitting ebay sometime soon. also got a set of interwolf' rolling for their size. i'll probably take them off when i get ahold of some crosswolf's to try and save the inter's for the snow and see how they hook up then.
and...on a happier note, my ambulance ride to the e.r. only cost me $1200. i sure am glad the emt's wouldn't let misty take me (especially since as it turns out she would have had me there sooner and on i.v.'s sooner). really lucked out on that one.

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Good on you mate!!!