Thursday, October 9, 2008

brother adam

and his fam are finally back from the desert. well...they've been back for a few months but finally made it up to the north country from the state of des moines. they showed up yesterday in time for us to grab some mabe's and a beer then get ready to head up for the monthly dhpt time trials. julie was out of town with soccer so heather stayed at the apt with caden and larsson while adam joined me for the festivities. this months randomly have to ride someone else's bike with whatever pedals they brought and whatever shoes you brought. i showed up with my 3-speed/69er/coaster brake/trek comfort bike. awesomely not the only coaster brake at the event. a couple of urban bikes showed up, some "real" mountain bikes and a couple of "used-to-be" mountain bikes. i ended up on a 16" trek 3700 with plaftform pedals in my spd shoes and was unprepared with a light of the wrong bar clamp size. so i rode most of the course totally in the dark and like most people ended up somewhere between cheating and improvising. it was an absolute time trial yet. i think somebody won, nobody got hurt, adam got to see a group of avid riders reduced to social degenerates as the fire raged and the beers got emptied. at some point we ran out of fire wood and beer so adam and i headed for t-bock's. eventually we left t-bock's after closing it with spinner. took them out for a nice hike this morning then got on the road bike for about an hour to blow some of the lingering crap from sunday's ride out of my legs and to push some of the remaining toxins from last night out of the body. most of my bikes are now completely trashed or not fully assembled. looks like saturday night will be spent in the garage acting like i know how to wrench on bikes, definitely focusing on prepping fisty for its first actual cross race sunday.

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