Thursday, October 23, 2008

vassago and transiowa!!

man this makes me happy...just got the heads up from misty and went over to check out the transiowa website. vassago has worked out a deal with guitar ted and transiowa to give away a fisticuff at transiowa 5. as of right now i'm still rocking the prototype i was allowed to debut at transiowa last year and it will undoubtedly be my weapon of choice again this year.'s hoping a few people finish so somebody can walk off with this gem. yeah, i might be biased, but vassago and the people behind it are pretty fucking cool.


Guitar Ted said...

We're stoked too. This is a great deal for T.I.V5!

Ari said...

Good job Ben! You are really getting the word out on an excellent product.

the original big ring said...

Vassago are the cat's meow.