Thursday, October 30, 2008

i need to spend more time at the bar

yesterday was officially my last day working at the shop. all in all it was more of a necessary decision than a good or bad decision. i certainly wish travis and the shop all the best in years to come and have yet to meet someone i trust working on my bike more than him. as for me, its back up to the bar i've been at part time for the last year but now i'll be there full time as the bar manager. a couple of positives in all of this...i'll be keeping larsson out of daycare two days a week so we can either party at home or i can use his slave labor to help maintain the trails and it means i'll have more daylight hours during the winter to train. hooray sun. random thought for licorice gummy bears and grape gatorade taste like crap together.


kent said...

wow, that's a pretty big change. it sounds like it will give you a little better time management with your life schedule though. good luck to you man.

shockstar said...

kent...i've been meaning to call or write to let you know and to talk about riding sometime. let me know when you're headed back up this way. also, my brother's getting into riding so i might be headed down your way with the bike a bit more.

kent said...

all very cool man. i'll be in decorah the friday after thanksgiving. yeah, let me know when you're in the area and i'll hit the trails with you. tell adam to keep tabs on cita for the happenings in the area.

Andy said...

Why would you ever think grape and black licorice would go together. That is something a crazy person would do.

Ari said...

Good luck on your change. I love working at the shop where I am but it kills my whole day and weekends. I have discarded summers out of my life. Working at a shop= no time for riding or family.
Good luck to you,