Monday, February 9, 2009

awesome weekend

scotty got to town friday night so i ducked out of the bar early and we spent some time getting caught up at t-bock's. the rest of the weekend looked something like this...

larsson getting ready to start his second year of the barnelopet kids ski race/walk

check out the form...the concentration...

there was a bit of this but his stubborness kicked in and after a few falls he wouldn't let me help him up as he was determined to figure out how to stand up on his own

obligatory medal ceremony...followed by a second lap and a trip around the "big kids" loop

scotty and i took off from larsson's ski think and met up with kent, bill and jesse for a bluffton ride. the warm temps had melted everything and it turned into one of the sloppiest rides i've been on in a long time.

the bluffton bar, jesse, bill, kent, scotty

headed home

mmmm...sloppy...but we try not too think about how much manure is mixed into the slop on the gravels

wild bill

after a late night at work and meeting up with some yahoos at t'bocks saturday night, scott and i headed out for a metric on sunday. awesomely warm temps and a lack of wind made for a beautiful ride. 64ish miles through bluffton, locust, sattre and a jaunt over into allamakee before heading home.

elk farm just east of bluffton


countless number of donkeys, burrows and asses seen this weekend. surprisingly only one of them let loose a hee-haw directed at scott. we thought we were going to lose him to the donkey for a bit but an epic amount of will power kept his eyes on the road and we got him home safely.

in other news...apparently the birth certificate says today makes 31. so it goes.


Elly Sue said...

Happy Birthday!

Trevor Rockwell said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there this weekend. That ride looks like it was alot of fun. I hope to get up there at some time within the month.

Captain Bob said...

Happy Birthday man!

the original big ring said...

very cool to get this kids out skiing - start 'em young!
Happy Birthday too!

forbesfamily said...

Happy Birthday, Little Brother. Tell Larsson "congrats" on the ski race. What fun. Miss you guys.....

Ari said...

happy birthday man!
good to see the little guy having fun.

shockstar said...

thanks guys...and yeah, seeing a field full of little kids skiing/falling and having a blast was awesome.