Wednesday, February 18, 2009

birthday claus

got to take adam a couple new toys when i headed down to des moines earlier this week. first off was a present from his wife...

adam's new jabber...we'll get some better pics once its covered in mud
next gift was really just a loaner from me cause he gets to take a trip out to ray's (insane jealousy boiling in my veins)...

my trusty steelhead...this thing has been beaten, crushed, welded, neglected, dropped, thrown, abused, ground, modified, torn down and rebuilt and just comes back smiling and begging for more.

had a great time with family while i was down there and looking forward to trail weather to really start riding with adam. the enthusiasm of new riders is so can't help but remember why you fell in love with riding in the first place. kent even joined later in the night for some highly important philosophizing and world problem solving. looking forward to my seemingly regularly scheduled monthly trips down to the area...especially since the next few times i'm down there i get to put a number on my bike and try to ride it really fast.

one more picture of it just cuase i really like this one. seems i've gotten even with it for what it did to my leg a couple years ago.

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