Friday, February 6, 2009

friday's ride

same as the first half of thursday night's ride, then turned around and rode it back the other way.
had to climb up thisto get to see this


Captain Bob said...

Looks like fun. What gearing are you running on the Jabber? Also, what gearing are you planning to run for CIRREM?

See you soon.

shockstar said...

hey rob...standard gearing on the jabber is 32x18. ran 32x14 for winter gravels/triple d but put the 18 back on for snowmobile trails. the fisticuff gets run 42x16 fixed and that's what i'll be running for cirrem.

Captain Bob said...

42x16? Ouch! I was running that on a cross bike last summer. That's tough. With any headwind at all I was toast.

You're an animal!