Saturday, February 28, 2009

spring cleaning

tried to make the most out of an ice-ruined day by swinging down to travis's place and giving the jabber a little bit of love after a long winter of neglect broken only by the occasional day of abuse. got everything shined up and virtually race ready for the trip to arkansas. i realize that's a month away but i really don't expect this bike to see much ride time before then unfortunately. everytime i really take the time to go through this bike and clean it up/adjust brakes/new chain/scrub drivetrain/etc. it just reminds me how much i love it and why i was so particular about the build in the first place. a couple pieces have been changed but not many. its light enough and with the nano rear/weirwolf front i just set up for ouachita it will be fast enough that the only thing holding it back will be me and the months that have passed with no technical riding to speak of.


this is an explanation of the impetus behind the previous post. travis had this parked out back for just a few hours before all this ice built up.


Scott said...

quit being a bitch and get out and ride.

shockstar said...

touche. although it was a lot easier when there was someone else around here dumb enough to ride in anything with me.