Friday, May 29, 2009

coal stacked

thursday night group ride turned into 4 guys on 3 bikes headed to bluffton. actually made it to an amazing lookout just past bluffton for some beers, then the bluffton store for a lot more beer and some to go. the ride home got pretty interesting as o'gara and fuhrmann don't have much choice but to push the pace on the single speed tandem of death. friedhof and i did our best to hang on. bad decisions were made, such as trying to race the charcoal black two-seater up wagon hill...that's when i got coal stacked. a stop at the top of the hill to assess the damage and work on the to-go beers then into town a couple of stops at some local establishments. gorgeous night, fun ride, i still blame brian for unnecessarily cutting me off while passing me on a 40 foot wide gravel road :)

l to r: friedhof and travis getting friedhof's bike rideable, the ss tandem of death (coal stack), o'gara and brian

most amazing view in winneshiek county, just look for the string and avoid the poison ivy

headed back

pretty sure what brian is saying is "i'm about to ruin your night"

coal stacked

first time i've ever laid it down on gravel not because of snow and ice. we were moving pretty good (racing) but at least it wasn't on one of the 35+mph descents


OGARA said...

Ouch, That looks like it hurts. Won't be much Ape'n tonight with wounds like that.....Sorry, but I'am merely a stoker on the coal train of death.

Wesley Gregg said...

Sounds like a good ride. Bummed I couldn't make it....keep me informed when you guys ride again. I'll be back in town June 8.

Paul said...

Ben, Thank you so much for the Vassago Frame while at TI! I have been staring at it quite a bit trying to decide what to do with it since it is too big for me. Is there any chance I could possibly trade it in for a smaller size? Should I contact Vassago? The frame is the 57 and being 5'7" with short legs and a bit of a longer torso I think I would need the 50 or 54. What are your thoughts on all of this?

You can email me at